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Contributions Contacts - Unemployment Insurance

The Contributions Division is dedicated to ensuring that eligible citizens of Maryland have access to unemployment insurance benefits when and if it is necessary. Our responsibilities include collecting quarterly unemployment insurance contributions from liable employers and paying unemployment benefits to entitled individuals.

Per Executive Order by the Governor, due to COVID-19, the State of Maryland government is now operating at Elevated Level II, which mandates a period of telework for non-essential employees across state agencies and the closure of state office buildings to the public. If possible, employers are urged to contact the Division by e-mail, rather than by phone, to ensure a timely response.

Contact information for the Contributions Division is listed below:

Mailing Address:
Contributions Division
1100 N. Eutaw Street, Room 411
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

You may send questions or comments to us at the address listed above, contact one of our units listed below or send an e-mail directly to the Maryland Department of Labor Contributions Division at

Voice Response System:
Employers may call our voice response system toll-free at 1-800-492-5524 to handle many unemployment insurance transactions. From the main menu:

  • Press (1) to file a quarterly Contribution/Employment Report.
  • Press (2) if you are responding to an Agency notice or you need information on your unemployment insurance account.
  • Press (3) if you want a form mailed or faxed to you. Currently, the following forms are available from the telephone system: (1) a Combined Registration Application, which is used to establish a new account; or (2) a form to correct a Contribution/Employment Report for a prior quarter.
  • Press (4) if you are calling an individual and you know the person’s last name.
  • Press (5) to obtain balance due.
  • Press (6) to obtain a tax rate.

Employer Assistance
General employer inquiries and inquiries related to delinquency notices.
E-mail address:

Employer Status
Inquiries related to opening and closing accounts, address changes and liability determinations.
E-mail address:

Experience Rates
Inquiries and protests related to unemployment insurance tax rates.
E-mail address:

Benefit Charge Correspondence
Inquiries and protests related to benefit charges applied to employer accounts.
E-mail address:

Separation Notice Penalties
Inquiries related to $15 penalties for failure to respond timely to separation notices.
E-mail address:

Accounts Receivable
Inquiries related to amending/adjusting wage reports and refunds for overpaid unemployment insurance taxes.
E-mail address:

Reimbursing Employer
Inquiries related to non-profit reimbursing employer accounts.
E-mail address:

Federal Treasury Offset Program
Inquiries related to federal payments to a business that have been intercepted for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance taxes.

State Vendor Payment Intercept
Inquiries related to payments to a business from the State of Maryland that have been intercepted for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance taxes.
E-mail address:

License and Tax Clearance
Inquiries related to the flagging of business licenses, MVA registrations and licenses for unpaid and undisputed unemployment insurance taxes and inquiries related to tax clearances.
E-mail address:

Tax Enforcement
Inquiries related to unemployment insurance audits or misclassification of workers and reports of suspected employer fraud or possible misclassification of workers.
E-mail address:

Legal Collections
Inquiries related to legal actions filed to collect delinquent unemployment insurance taxes.
E-mail address:

Litigation & Bankruptcy
Inquiries related to legal actions filed to collect overpaid unemployment insurance benefits paid to claimants and bankruptcy inquiries.
E-mail address:

**Employers may register for an unemployment insurance account at the Maryland Comptroller's Office website.

**Employers may obtain the specifications for submitting quarterly Contribution/Employment Reports via FTP.

**Please note that claimant inquiries related to unemployment insurance benefits should be directed to the Claim Centers or to

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