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Automated Phone Service and Voice Mail System is Offline at State Offices in Baltimore City

The automated phone answering service and voice mail system that supports State offices located in Baltimore City is not currently working.

Phone lines for the various boards and commissions (Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing) ordinarily answered by the automated system must be answered manually. Thus, each board and commission can only handle one incoming call at a time. Because the voicemail system is not functioning, any additional calls received while an extension is in use will ring unanswered until the caller hangs up.

The Division has adjusted its customer service procedures so that board and commission staff will be available to manually answer as many calls as possible. Callers should be aware that they may need to call an extension multiple times in order to reach a member of our staff.

Any call directed to an individual extension (a phone at a staff member's desk) will ring until answered by a staff member or the caller hangs up. The voicemail system is not functioning.

Staff members are not able to access any voice message previously received.

Given the circumstances with our telephonic communication system, the Division recommends that, if possible, individuals contact staff by e-mail or attempt to resolve matters through our online system. A list of contacts, including name and email address, can be found at on our Contact Us page.

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) technicians are making every effort to expedite the installation of a new voice mail system. Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Michael Vorgetts,
Acting Commissioner

Working in concert with 23 licensing boards, commissions and programs appointed by the Governor, the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (O&P) is responsible for licensing and regulating the activities of over 210,000 individuals, corporations and partnerships. 

Twenty-four occupations and professions are covered ranging from the 61 bay pilots who navigate large commercial vessels on the Chesapeake Bay, to the more than 45,000 real estate professionals who handle real estate transactions in the State of Maryland.   O&P's mission is to protect the public by assuring that our licensees have met a standard of competence in their chosen profession and by responding to consumer complaints against incompetent or unscrupulous practitioners.

La División de Licencias Ocupacionales y Profesionales Trabajando en concierto con 23 juntas de licencias, comisiones, y programas designados por el Gobernador, la División de Licencias Ocupacionales y Profesionales (O&P) tiene la responsabilidad de otorgar licencias y regular las actividades de más de 210,000 personas, empresas y asociaciones. Se cubren 24 ocupaciones y profesiones, desde los 61 pilotos de la bahía que navegan grandes buques comerciales en la Bahía Chesapeake, a los más de 45,000 corredores de bienes raíces que se encargan de las operaciones inmobiliarias en el estado de Maryland. La misión de la división es proteger al público asegurándose de que nuestros concesionarios alcanzan un nivel de competencia en su profesión elegida y respondiendo a las quejas de los consumidores sobre los profesionales incompetentes o sin escrúpulos.


Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Division of Occupational Professional Licensing

500 North Calvert Street, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Telephone number: (410) 230-6231

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