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Labor and Employment Publications in Maryland - The Maryland Guide to Wage Payment and Employment Standards

The following is a list of various agencies and units of Maryland State Government which are concerned with some area of labor and employment, and the publications and postings which are required for employers by law:.

Employment Standards Service
Employment law information and wage investigations.

Required publications/posters for employers:

Workers' Compensation Commission

Provides a system of wage and health care protection for eligible workers who have suffered work-related injury or illness.

Required Publications/Posters For Employers:

Division of Unemployment Insurance
Claimants: calling from Baltimore area - 410-949-0022, For Maryland Relay, dial 711;
calling from Maryland but outside the Baltimore area - 1-800-827-4839
Employers: 410-767-2412, 1-800-492-5524

Provides a system of wage protection for eligible unemployed workers through collection and administration of unemployment insurance tax contributions from employers.

Required Publications/Posters For Employers:

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights
1-800-637-6247, 410-767-8600

Provides education on and enforces Maryland law prohibiting discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, family/marital status, disability, national origin, race, religion and sex in employment, public accommodations, housing and licensing.

Required Publications/Posters For Employers:
Employment Discrimination is Illegal

Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)

Ensures a safe and healthful work environment for Maryland workers through inspections, consultation and trainings.

Required Publications/Posters For Employers: