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Committee on Paid Leave

Governor Larry Hogan directed the Committee on Paid Leave, established by Executive Order 01.01.2017.08, to collect data from employers and workers throughout Maryland to better understand access to paid leave policies and how this benefit is best met by a fair and flexible statewide leave policy. Over the last six months, the committee met with employers and workers to collect reliable data as to how a mandated leave policy would specifically impact the Maryland workforce. The committee's findings are presented in the attached report, entitled Committee on Paid Leave Policy: Final Report.

On behalf of the committee, I thank you for your time. Your honesty and input with the committee helped shape our recommendations to Governor Hogan, and helped craft a report for a commonsense policy that meets the needs of employees without burdening the men and women who own and operate our state's small businesses.

Secretary Kelly M. Schulz
Chair, Committee on Paid Leave Policy