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These tables are generated from statistics produced by Maryland's Quarterly Census of Employment Wages (QCEW) Program. They provide the reader with a basic industrial profile of Maryland's economy. The data are generated and published on a quarterly basis with totals for the state as well as each of its political subdivisions. Included are all workers covered by the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Law of Maryland and the unemployment compensation for federal employees (UCFE) program. Together these two account for approximately 98% of all wage and salary civilian employment. Since wage and salary employment represents approximately 93% of total civilian employment, this report covers over 91% of all civilian employment. The principal exclusions are cited in Source of Data.

Tentative Release Schedule

  • 1st Quarter - September
  • 2nd Quarter - December
  • 3rd Quarter - March
  • 4th Quarter - June

Industry Series

Employment and Wages by Size of Reporting Unit

Employment and Wages by County

County Industry Series

Inquiries regarding methodology, additional information, or general assistance may be directed to:

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Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning
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