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Enforcement Actions - Financial Regulation

Enforcement actions are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) for calendar years 2011 to the present (download Adobe Acrobat for free).

If you wish to obtain a copy of an enforcement action for which a PDF is not available or need other assistance, please send an e-mail to (for non-depository activities) or to Deputy Commissioner Teresa Louro (for depository or state-chartered activities).

NOTE: To Search for an enforcement action for a specific individual or business entity, please enter the individual or business entity's name in the search field on the page that opens when you click on this link.

Enforcement Actions 2007
11/1/2007 Final Order to Cease and Desist Debt Management In the Matter of: American Debt Management Services, Inc.
9/13/2007 Final Order to Cease and Desist Consumer Lending In the Matter of: Magnum Z dba Debt Doctor