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Industrialized/Modular Buildings Program Procedure - Building Code Administration


  1. Manufacturer should check the following resources:
    1. A copy of the Maryland Industrialized Building and Mobile Homes Regulations COMAR 05.02.04;
    2. An application:
    3. A list of the Maryland Approved Testing Facilities: and
    4. Other required information for approval and certification of industrialized buildings.
  2. For Department approval, the Manufacturer must prepare project and plant approval documents, i.e., drawings, specifications, quality assurance manual, application, etc.
  3. The Manufacturer shall contract with a Maryland Approved Testing Facility (ATF) to review plans for code compliance to monitor its quality assurance program and to monitor factory operations.
  4. The Manufacturer will send the set of approval documents to the Maryland Approved Testing Facility for its examination and evaluation.
  5. The ATF will review and provide approval for the documents as complying with all the requirements of Maryland regulations when all certification requirements have been satisfied.
  6. The ATF will send:
    1. One set of the approved documents,
    2. A certification letter indicating its approval, and
    3. The Manufacturer’s application to the Department.
  7. The Department will review all documents, including the application. Any deficiencies noted by the Department are forwarded to the Manufacturer and the ATF for correction.
  8. Upon satisfactory completion of the review, the Department will send a letter to the Manufacturer and the ATF indicating acceptance and approval of the Industrialized Building Manufacturer, together with permission to release Maryland Insignias.


  1. Upon approval, the Manufacturer will be provided a set of approved documents from the Maryland ATF
  2. To obtain labels, the Manufacturer or the ATF forwards a request for Maryland Insignias along with the required fees payable to Maryland Codes Administration. Use the Application for Maryland Insdustrialized Building Insignias form.
  3. The Department will mail the requested Maryland Insignias to the ATF and e-mail the Manufacturer.
  4. The ATF shall visit the plant on a regular basis to review and approve the industrialized building unit’s construction and manufacturer’s quality assurance procedure. The Department has the authority to make unannounced plant inspections and site inspections to verify quality assurance procedures are practiced.
  5. The Manufacturer may begin production of industrialized building units, complying with approved documents, when authorized by the ATF, subject to Department review.
  6. Upon satisfactorily passing an assembly line inspection, the Maryland Insignia is applied to the industrialized building unit by the ATF or its agent.
  7. The completed Maryland Industrialized Building Location Report (Attachment E) shall be forwarded to the Department by the Manufacturer three (3) days prior to shipment date for each industrialized building completed.
  8. The industrialized building unit with certification label affixed is transported to the Site.


  1. The owner or builder applies to the local building department for a building construction permit.
  2. The local building department will issue:
    1. A permit based upon approval by the Department for the industrialized building units, and
    2. Documents for all other site work to be reviewed and approved by the local building department, as required.
  3. Site and foundation are prepared by a local builder or manufacturer, per local requirements.
  4. Site and foundation are inspected by the local building department.
  5. Industrialized building is installed on site by a manufacturer or local builder.
  6. Installation of industrialized building is inspected and approved by the local building department or the Department.
  7. All other site work not part of the certified industrialized building is reviewed and approved by the local building department or regulatory authority.

For additional information, contact:
Department of Labor
Division of Labor and Industry
Building Codes Administration

1100 N. Eutaw Street, Room 606
Baltimore, MD 21201