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Industrialized/Modular Buildings General Description - Building Code Administration

The industrialized (modular) building industry has expanded the role it plays in fulfilling the nation's housing and commerical building needs. In addition, industrialized (modular) buildings are frequently being used for schools, offices, convenience stores, hospitals, motels and other commercial buildings.

The state of Maryland has adopted a statewide regulatory program for industrialized (modular) construction, wereby the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Building Codes Administration adopts and enforces construction standards for industrialized (modular) buildings. In the state of Maryland, local jurisdictions are preempted from adopting construction Standards for industrialized (modular) construction.

Following is a list of applicable Standards which constitute the State Model Performance Code (reference - COMAR 05.02.01) for industrialized (modular) building construction.

While local jurisdictions are excluded from enforcing the construction standards for industrialized (modular) buildings and manufactured homes, local officials continue to play an important role in the regulation of these units by inspecting their installation and all on-site work. The installation of these units is a critical step the overall building and delivering safe buildings. The on-site work requires careful oversight since it is frequently performed by crews not aniliated with the manufacturer and involves:

  • Construction of safe foundations and anchorage system
  • Proper assembly of building components
  • Proper connection of all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Performance of all site preparation work

Local fire control measures, land use and development, including zoning and site preparation, remain under the regulatory authority of local jurisdictions.

Authorization Code:
Codes Administration, Department of Housing and Community Development, Public Safety Article, Sub subsections 12-301 to 12-313 and COMAR 05.02.04

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