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Employment Service and Employment Related Law Complaint System - Workforce Development and Adult Learning

The Employment Service (ES) provides assistance to customers with the goal of timely and excellent customer service. Should the service not address the issue, or fall short of customer expectations, customers may file a complaint asking for a review of the issue and a more satisfactory resolution.

ES regulations at 20 CFR 658.410 require each State Workforce Agency (SWA) to establish and maintain a uniform system for accepting, investigating, resolving, and referring complaints through the Wagner-Peyser program. State agencies must ensure information pertaining to the use of the Complaint System is publicized, which must include, but is not limited to, the prominent display of an ETA-approved Complaint System poster in each one-stop center. In order to assist SWAs in complying with the language access requirements at 29 CFR 38.9(g), ETA has developed posters in English and Spanish.

English Poster
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