Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Renew your certificate - Maryland Board of Certified Interior Designers


Please read ALL requirements and instructions before proceeding with the application process.

Certification Renewal
Notices of renewal are mailed approximately 60 days before expiration. If an applicant fails to renew by the expiration date, he or she must pay a reinstatement fee as well as the renewal fee.

Certified Interior Designers must certify that they have obtained Continuing Educational credits to renew.


Note: You cannot renew on-line prior to 60 days before your certificate expires. If you attempt to renew one day late or more, the reinstatement fee will automatically be assessed on your certificate renewal fee.


  1. For best results, we recommend using the most recent version to access the electronic licensing programs. You can update your browser at no additional cost by visiting our browser information section.
  2. Please have the data card with your registration number in hand.
  3. When you go online, you will create a password by identifying yourself with certain personal information. Then, with this password and your registration number, you will be able to apply for a license, renew, or update your registration record at your convenience.
  4. Employers need to have their Workers Compensation Policy Number and Insurance Company's name at hand to complete the renewal forms.
  5. When you receive your credit card statement, the charge for renewing on-line will be shown as "MD Dept. of Licensing."
  6. We are collecting your e-mail addresses for Board use in order to facilitate our communication with you.


  1. Go to DLLR's Electronic Licensing. Click on the appropriate activity.
  2. Highlight your license category from the pull-down box, and enter your registration number exactly as it appears on the data card. Follow the instructions to create your password, or use your previously created password.
  3. When you submit your application, if you fail to complete any required items on the application screens or enter invalid data (e.g.: an invalid date), you will be presented with an error message. Use your browser's "back" button to return to previous screens to correct the indicated missing or invalid information.
  4. Before submitting your credit card information, it is advisable to review your application. You may review previous screens by using your browser's "back" and "forward" buttons.
  5. When confirmation is received that the transaction has been completed, PRINT the confirmation screen for your records.

Please do yourself a favor and don't wait until the last minute to renew on the Internet. If you encounter a problem that prevents you from renewing in a timely manner, you will be considered unlicensed until you renew. Contact the association office or the board IMMEDIATELY.