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Poster, Log 300 and Safety Program - MOSH

  • A MOSH Poster is required to be posted in the place of employment, and that poster is available for FREE as a printable download or can be requested as a hard copy via mail, again free of charge.
  • Log 300 Forms used to track injuries and illnesses at each establishment are available here for FREE. Keep it filled out and simply post at your establishment from February 1 to April 30 of each year. Instructions are included on the forms.
  • A Safety and Health Program (Word) is not required to be purchased and can be developed in house.

Remember: the posters and Log 300 forms are available for free and safety and health programs can be developed via the following means:

  • In-house, OR
  • With the assistance of our FREE Consultation Services, OR
  • With a legitimate professional safety and health company or organization.

Visit the MOSH website for additional links on Free Training and Consultation for Employers and Employees.

If there are any questions about other occupational safety and health related questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MOSH Hunt Valley office at (410-527-2091/2092) or email to

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NOTE: This poster meets the requirements of Maryland Occupational Safety and Health only.

Other State agencies may have other required postings.

Please note: Although Maryland Occupational Safety and Health or OSHA does not require employers to purchase posters from them, the MOSH poster is required to be posted.