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Renew a License - Home Improvement Commission

Renew your license online

Guaranty Fund Contractor Renewal License Fee
The Guaranty Fund assessment is $150 for each two-year license period. Each licensee has a personal renewal date.

Notice of license expiration and renewal instructions are sent approximately 60 days prior to the expiration of each license.

If a licensee does not receive a renewal notice within 30 days of the license expiration, please contact the Commission.

Licenses can be renewed online, and fees may be paid by credit card
Fax a request to 410-333-6763 for a hardcopy renewal form. The form may be returned with a check or money order to the Commission.

A credit report review is conducted for active contractors at renewal. If there are negative items on the report since the last renewal, the contractor must contact the Commission before the license can be renewed. Proof of resolution of these adverse actions must be submitted before your license can be renewed.