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Note: The following transactions may not be completed over the Internet:
  1. A Contractor or Sub-Contractor who needs to change their Trade Name; and / or
  2. A Contractor who needs to change from a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporate / Partnership license or from a Corporate / Partnership to a Sole Proprietorship license.
Please contact the Commission at one of the telephone numbers listed below in order to complete the types of transactions described above.
Access to this application is controlled by an on-line password management system. Previously, access was gained through a Department of Labor (LABOR) assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN), mailed to the applicant. To use this system:
  • Enter your LABOR-supplied License Registration Number and your personally-chosen password.
  • First time users and previous users, who have never used the on-line password management system, should use the "Create My Password" option below to create your password. If you have a LABOR-assigned PIN, it is no longer valid.

    If you need assistance, you may contact LABOR Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, at the following telephone numbers: 410-230-6231 or toll free 1-888-218-5925.

(At least 8 characters with at least one alphabetic character, one numeric character and no spaces.)