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Renew Your License - Plumbing

All licenses and certificates issued by the State Board of Plumbing expire TWO YEARS FROM DATE OF ISSUE. The Board automatically mails an electronic renewal notice and instructions on completing the renewal. This notice is mailed to licensees approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date of the current license. The notice is mailed to the individual's last address of record with the Board. If a licensee does not receive a renewal notice within a month of the expiration of the current license, the licensee must fax a written request to 410-333-6763 or call 410-230-6231 or 1-888-218-5925 to request a renewal application.

Special Note: If an individual licensee allows his or her license/certificate to lapse and fails to renew it for more than four years, the individual must file a new application and pass the appropriate examination.