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Advertising Requirements - Home Improvement Commission

Each home improvement advertisement must contain the name and license number of the contractor. Ads cannot be deceptive, false, or misleading. Any advertisement that offers a discount coupon may not contain a requirement that the coupon be presented before the contractor provides an estimate or proposal. If the price stated in the ad does not include all costs of items necessary for the proper function and appearance of the installed product, an explanatory statement must clearly printed. Also, if the price does not include a delivery or installation charge, the ad must conspicuously disclose this fact.

Section 8-503(b) of the Home Improvement Law states that "A contractor or salesperson may not offer, give, or pay to an owner a gift, bonus award, merchandise, trading stamps, or cash loan as an inducement to make a home improvement contract." A sale or price reduction is not considered by the Commission to be a gift or a bonus award.