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Taking the Exams - Elevator Safety Review

Taking the ExamBefore an individual can be approved for licensure as an elevator mechanic, elevator renovator mechanic and accessibility lift mechanic, an applicant must complete a PSI application to qualify to sit for the exam. Please contact PSI Examination Services to register for the exam. Phone number 855-898-0715

Waiver of Examination

To qualify for a reciprocal license an applicant must meet certain requirements. The Board may grant a waiver of examination requirements for an individual who meets the conditions in accordance with Maryland Public Safety Code Annotated §12-826.

Reciprocal Licensing

The Board statute permits individuals who have an elevator license in other states to apply for a Maryland license. The Board may grant a waiver of examination if the state and Maryland have similar examination requirements in that state. An individual must:

  1. meet the qualifications of the Maryland Elevator Safety Review Board law;
  2. pay the Board the appropriate application fee(s);
  3. hold an active license in good standing in another state or subdivision that is equivalent to a license in this state; and
  4. became licensed in another state or subdivision after passing an exam that is similar to the exam for which the applicant is seeking the waiver.