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File a Complaint - Professional Engineers

Complaint forms may be obtained by calling 410-230-7260 or online.

The State Board for Professional Engineers is responsible for enforcing the Maryland Professional Engineers Act, MD Ann. Code, Business Occupations and Professions Article, Title 14. The Board is charged with safeguarding life, health, and property, and promoting the public welfare by regulating those who practice engineering.

Complaints against individuals or engineering firms are reviewed by a Complaint Committee, which is comprised of two members of the Board. Complaints may involve allegations of unethical conduct, incompetence, unlicensed practice, and misrepresentation. The complaint must contain sufficient factual evidence to indicate a clear violation of the law. The Board has no jurisdiction over contractual disputes including payment and non-performance.

The Complaint Committee may refer a complaint for investigation if more information is needed. If the Board determines, based on the Complaint Committee's recommendations, that a violation of the law has occurred, a hearing will be scheduled before the Board or an Administrative Law Judge. A final order of the Board can be appealed to the Circuit Court.

Complaints can be started online by using the online complaint form and follow the instructions. Once the online form is filed, you must fill out and print the fillable complaint form and mail it to the Maryland Board of Professional Engineers at the address indicated on the form. The board must receive an original signed complaint form to open a complaint. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. You will receive confirmation and a complaint number once the complaint is initiated. A copy of the complaint will be sent to the Respondent.

Fillable complaint form

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