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Fees - Electricians

Architect Forms and FeesFees

Code of Maryland Regulations

.03 Fees and Costs.
  A. The Secretary and the mechanical boards have agreed to average their direct and indirect costs, based on the calculation of costs performed by the Secretary in consultation with the mechanical boards. Based on these calculations, the Board sets the following fees:
    (1) License — $20.
    (2) License renewal — $25.
    (3) Inactive status renewal for non-electrical inspector — $50.
    (4) Reapplication after expiration of inactive status — $100.
    (5) Reactivation — $50.
    (6) Reinstatement:
       (a) Up to and including 30 days after license expiration — $25;
       (b) Up to and including 60 days after license expiration — $50; and
       (c) More than 60 days after license expiration — $100.
    (7) Inactive status for electrical inspector — $50.
    (8) Local license assignment identification — $50.
    (9) Status change — $50.

  B. An applicant for an examination or reexamination shall pay an examination or reexamination fee directly to the testing service chosen by the Board to develop or administer the examination, as such fees are established by the testing service selected by the Board.