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Apply for Certificate by Reciprocity - Certified Interior Designers

After completing the online application, you must notify NCIDQ to change your Jurisdiction to Maryland. Once your Jurisdiction has been changed, the Board’s staff will be able to verify your certificate status. Contact NCIDQ at NCIDQ website.

Requirements for Reciprocity

The Board may waive any examination requirement of this subtitle for an individual who is licensed or certified as an interior designer in another state. The Board may grant a waiver under this section only if the applicant:

  1. Pays the application fee set by the Board under § 8-303 of this subtitle; and
  2. Provides adequate evidence that the applicant:
    1. Meets the qualifications otherwise required by this subtitle; and
    2. Became licensed or certified in the other state after meeting qualifications that are substantially equivalent to those required for a certificate in this State (see above).

The Board may grant a waiver under this section only if the state in which the applicant is licensed or certified waives the examination of certified interior designers of this State to a similar extent as this State waives the examination requirements for individuals licensed or certified in that state.

Application process

  • Click on the “Apply for an Original Certificate via Reciprocity online” link at the top of this page.
  • Contact the Board where you are currently licensed or certified and request that a verification be sent to the Maryland Board.
  • If applicable, have an official transcript sent directly from your college or university to the Board.

Certificate Period: Two-year period from the date of issuance.