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Home Inspectors Licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies and Home Inspectors

How do I become a home inspector?
An applicant for a home inspector license must complete a 72-hour on-site home inspector training course approved by the Commission and pass the National Home Inspector Examination. See PSI Home Inspection Candidate Bulletin.

Where can I take the home inspection training course?
A list of all of the home inspection course providers and contact information is available on the Commission’s site.

Do I need a college degree to be a home inspector?
No, but you must provide evidence of having a high school diploma or its equivalent.

How do I renew a home inspector’s license?
You may renew your license electronically or request a paper application by calling 410-230-6363.

What is the renewal schedule for a home inspector license?
Home inspectors licenses are issued on a 2-year cycle.

Is there an insurance requirement for home inspectors?
Yes, home inspectors must maintain general liability insurance coverage in the amount of $150,000 or more.

The Home Inspector's name must appear on the Certificate of Insurance. A company name may also be listed on the certificate.

Is there a continuing education requirement for home inspectors?
Yes, after the first renewal of a home inspector’s license, a home inspector must complete 30 hours of continuing professional competency education for each renewal.

Continuing education is not required for the the first renewal of the home inspector's license.

NOTE: Per COMAR Up to 30 percent of the total continuing professional competency hours required by §A of this regulation may be obtained in other than a classroom setting.

How do I obtain a Letter of Good Standing and is there a fee required?
You may request a Letter of Good Standing by emailing There is no fee required for a letter of good standing.

Can I obtain a home inspector license if I have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?
A felony or misdemeanor conviction does not automatically make you ineligible for a real estate license. We encourage everyone to apply for a license. Each conviction is weighed on a case by case basis, and you will have the right to file an appeal should your application be denied. When applying, you will need to submit True Test copies of the proceedings surrounding the conviction with your application.