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Apply for an Original License - Secondhand Precious Metal Objects Dealers & Pawnbrokers

Begin your application for licensure here:

Apply for a review of qualifications online

Supporting documents to be filed with a review of qualifications application:

All corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and limited liability partnerships are required to submit the following additional support documents:

  • Evidence of the business’ Good Standing status with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). Evidence may be provided by printing a results screen from SDAT's Business Express database. Once the business entity is located through the search, click on the "General Info" link. Print that window, and send it to the Department. There is no fee due to SDAT for printing the window.
  • Articles of Incorporation (for corporations), partnership agreement, or organization or operational agreement

Complete the application, and e-mail supporting documentation to

You will be contacted by our office to schedule a date and time for an interview with the Department's inspector in order to continue the application process.

Application process

If your application is approved, you will receive a registration number under a separate cover, which will allow you to complete your license application and pay the appropriate fees on our website.

Once your initial application has been approved, complete the process for a Maryland license:

Please read ALL requirements and instructions before proceeding with the application process.

Requirements — Candidates must:

  • Be eighteen years of age or older.
  • Acquire a "fixed business address" in the State of Maryland and a fully executed lease with that property owner or management company.
  • Obtain a Use and Occupancy Permit from the local zoning office with jurisdiction over the location of your business address.
  • If your business is located in Montgomery, Prince George's, Anne Arundel Counties or Baltimore City, you must also obtain the local Secondhand Property license that is required by those jurisdictions.

Please Note: The Maryland Secondhand Precious Metal Objects Dealers & Pawnbrokers’ Licensing Program does not issue reciprocal licenses.

Additional Requirement for Licensure: Reporting Employees

Employees of dealers, who act on behalf of the dealer to conduct transactions, must be approved by the Department. Dealers must file a Dealer’s Report of Employee (Word) for each employee who will be conducting precious metal or pawn transactions. Each employee applicant must have a federal and Maryland criminal history check as part of the application process. These reports are reviewed and approved by the Department before issuing a license.

Additional Requirement for Licensure: Criminal Background Check

The owner or designee is required to undergo a full state and federal criminal history record check through the Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository. There is a separate fee that will be handled by or paid to the fingerprinting location.

As a condition of employment, all employees who conduct precious metal or pawn transactions on behalf of a licensed business must undergo the same background check. Employees who do not provide such services are not bound by this requirement.

Please see the Reporting Employees and Obtaining Criminal History Records Checks feature on our website for more information.

License Period: Two-year period from the date of issuance.