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Activities Exempted From Licensing Requirement - Locksmiths

The provisions of Title 12.5 may not be construed to prohibit the following:

  • Bona fide sales demonstrations to locksmiths or locksmith suppliers by sales representatives who are not licensed;
  • Emergency opening services by members of police departments, fire departments, or other government agencies in their official line of duty in order to protect against loss of life or property;
  • The acquisition, making, or use of any key duplication or key blanks;
  • The replacing of a removable or interchangeable core or recombinating a cylinder in a lock that was specifically designed by the manufacturer to be changed by the end user by use of a key;
  • The installation, repair, replacement, or rebuilding of a lock by the manufacturer of the lock;
  • The installation, repair, replacement, or rebuilding of an automotive lock by an automotive repair and service facility, the lock manufacturer, or the manufacturer's agent;
  • The installation of locks by building trades personnel on projects that require a building permit;
  • The installation or replacement of locks by a retailer or the retailer's agent:
    1. on the premises of the retailer; or
    2. off the premises of the retailer if the installation or replacement of locks is incidental to the retailer's normal course of business;
  • The installation or replacement of locks by a security systems technician who is licensed under Title 18 of the Business Occupations and Professions Article; and
  • The installation, repair, replacement, rekeying, or adjusting of locks or lock components for property by an employee or agent of the property owner or a management company