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Maryland Adult Education Standards - Adult Education and Literacy Services

Professional Standards for Teachers in Adult Education

  • Framework (Word)
    The standards provide program a rubric for what adult education teachers should know and be able to do.
  • Self-Assessment (Word)
    By completing the self-assessment, teachers can identify their strengths as well as areas needing improvement. The self-assessment can help teachers better understand the skills and knowledge that they may want to seek out through professional development activities and personal exploration. This process will help to ensure well-qualified teachers who are capable of meeting the diverse needs of adult learners.
  • PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint)

Maryland Content Standards for Adult ESL (English as a second language)/ESOL (English for speakers of other languages)

  • Maryland Content Standards for Adult ESL/ESOL
    This document is designed to help programs with instruction by defining “everything a student should know and be able to do”. Maryland Content Standards for Adult
  • ESL/ESOL Training Materials
    The purpose of this training guide is to provide local and state trainers the information they need to train other instructors in their programs about the purpose and use of the content standards document.

Maryland Program Standards

  • Maryland Program Standards (Word)
    The Maryland Department of Labor Licensing & Regulation Program Standards are guidelines for improving the quality and accountability of adult education programs throughout the state, from small rural programs to large metropolitan ones.

More Standards

  • Maryland Adult Education Technology Standards (Word)
    The use of technology in instruction can enhance the ability of adult learners to find, analyze and evaluate information; solve problems and make decisions; communicate, collaborate and share ideas; to be informed, responsible and contributing citizens; and to learn how to learn and keep up with the world as it changes.
  • Maryland Adult ESL Quality Program Standards (Word)
    The program standards are overall guidelines for identifying and improving eight major components of quality adult ESL programs.
  • Adult Education standards from other states may be found at the College and Career Standards Collection.