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Maryland GED Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions - Adult Education and Literacy Services

Effective January 22, 2018, Maryland’s GED® Office will transition its credentialing process from the issuance of paper transcripts and Maryland High School Diplomas to a paperless Web-based credentialing system. As with any new process, there will be changes and questions. These FAQs will assist GED® test takers in understanding and using the GED Credentialing™ Service.

What is GED Credentialing™?
GED Credentialing™ is a full-service program that fulfills requests for GED® transcripts and diplomas. The service includes fulfillment for new graduates and graduates who received their diploma prior to 2014 when the test transitioned to a computer-based format.

What does GED Credentialing™ mean to me?
By using GED Credentialing™, you will get quick and easy access to duplicate transcripts and official Maryland High School Diplomas. Services will include:

  • First One’s Free: New diploma earners will get a free initial transcript and diploma after passing the current GED® test. A secure electronic transcript and diploma are delivered to your e-mail as soon as you pass the GED® test. You can request one free paper diploma to be mailed to your current address.
  • First Time Ever: Replacement Diplomas Available in Maryland: Duplicate diplomas may be purchased by current recipients or historic testers for a fee of $15.00, payable by credit card or money order on the GED Credentialing™ website.
  • Faster Duplicate Request Processing: If a match is found in the database, your secure diploma or transcript will be delivered by e-mail on the same day. Occasionally, a match is not found right away and a manual search will be done, which may take a few days to fulfill. The test taker will be notified if this situation arises.
  • Forwarding: You can easily forward your electronic transcript directly to schools and employers that request it. The electronic credentials include Blue Ribbon™ Security which verifies the document each time it is opened by a recipient.
  • Choice: You can choose to receive your transcript and diploma in either a printed or electronic format.

What does GED Credentialing™ cost?
You will receive your first electronic transcript and electronic diploma for free after passing the current GED® test. For each additional request for a transcript or diploma, the individual or organization that makes the request (e.g., past student, employer, school, employment verification firm) pays a $15 fee per document.

Can I use GED Credentialing™ to order one document and obtain the other from Maryland’s GED® Office?
No. GED Credentialing™ is an all-inclusive service. All GED® transcripts and diplomas must be requested through GED Credentialing™.

Is the GED credential I receive from GED® Credentialing™ a national credential?
No. GED Credentialing™ fulfills requests for Maryland High School Diplomas and the Smart Transcript for Maryland testers through the GED® Testing Service. Maryland remains the issuing agency, and the diploma features Maryland official signatures, state seal, and design.

What do I receive from GED Credentialing™ after I pass my GED® test?
As soon as you pass the GED® test, you will receive a secure, electronic PDF document delivered to your e-mail that contains your Smart Transcript and Maryland High School Diploma. You will want to retain the electronic version of each document on your computer for future documentation requests. Do not delete these from your files. Electronic versions of the diploma include a link to order a professionally printed Maryland High School Diploma free of charge.

What is a Smart Transcript?
The Smart Transcript is an electronic transcript that not only shares your scores, but also includes additional information regarding what the GED® test measures, what the scores mean, and what skills you demonstrated on the test.

How soon after completing the test will I receive my Smart Transcript and diploma?
As soon as your test is scored, typically within hours of completing the final test, you will receive your Smart Transcript and diploma delivered straight to the e-mail address you provided when you signed up for a MyGED™ account.

Can I receive a Smart Transcript or paper transcript if I took my test before January 1, 2014?
Yes. GED Credentialing™ uses Smart Transcripts to fulfill all transcript requests. Smart Transcripts are customized based on the GED® test series and explains the scoring and types of content tested in the current GED® test, as well as older versions of the GED® test. The cost is $15.00 for each electronic reusable transcript or for each paper transcript.

To request, visit GED Credentialing™ to easily and securely order your transcript and certificate for testing done prior to January 1, 2014. Your Smart Transcript can be forwarded to colleges, employers, or others requesting an Official Transcript (check to ensure that the recipient accepts a transcript from a personal e-mail address).

Will the Maryland GED® Office continue to handle mailed, faxed, or in-person requests for transcripts and diploma verifications?
No. All requests for documents must be handled through GED Credentialing™.

Can I send my transcript and certificate to colleges and employers through GED Credentialing™?
Yes. You can forward the free electronic transcript you receive in your e-mail inbox directly to potential colleges and employers. The recipient can easily assess the integrity of a transcript or diploma by noting a blue ribbon indicating the document is authentic and trustworthy. In the event that the document has been altered, a Red X will replace the Blue Ribbon seal.

Are my electronic transcripts and diplomas secure?
Yes. The electronic delivery system uses GED Credentialing’s™ patented Blue Ribbon™ Security system which is more secure than delivering a paper copy through the mail.

What security system is used to protect the integrity of my Smart Transcripts and diplomas?
GED Credentialing™ uses Blue Ribbon™ Security. Blue Ribbon™ Security guarantees that transcripts or certificates you send out have not been altered. The recipient can easily assess the integrity of a transcript or certificate by noting a blue ribbon indicating the document is authentic and trustworthy or a Red X indicating the document has been altered.

Do colleges and employers know about the Blue Ribbon™ Security?
Yes. GED Credentialing™ currently works with over 4,000 colleges, and over a third of all high school certificates are delivered by them using this security process.

What if I do not have Internet access to order my credentials?
Use this toll free number 1-888-906-4031 to receive phone support to order duplicate transcripts and diplomas. They will mail you a form to complete to return with payment.