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CPA Exam Candidate Advisory - CPA Examination - Public Accountancy

Issued: June 16, 2017

April - May Exam Scores to be released August 17, August 22.

NASBA/AICPA/Prometric has announced the timetable for the release of scores from the April - May examination window. Scores for AUD, FARE and REG will be released on August 17. Scores for BEC will be released on August 22. Unfortunately, by the time all of the exam scores are released, the July - August exam window will almost be over. There will be little or no time remaining to take an exam section before October 1.

This delay will impact those candidates whose conditional credit for previously passed sections is due to expire in July or August. The members of the Board understand the inconvenience and anxiety candidates are experiencing because of this delay. The Board is identifying candidates who may be adversely affected by this delay and will reach out to those individuals directly. The Board will consider appeals for conditional credit expiration date extensions from such a candidate depending upon the candidate's exam history.

A candidate must be able to demonstrate that the delay in reporting the April and May exam scores directly interfered with the candidate’s ability to pass the entire CPA exam prior to the conditional credit expiration date. Specifically, such a candidate must be able to show that had the candidate been timely advised of failed examination score for sections taken in April or May, the candidate would have had an opportunity to register and take the sections again prior to a July or August conditional credit loss date. An adversely affected candidate must also have:

  1. taken any remaining sections of the exam in the April-May exam window; and
  2. scheduled and sat for any other remaining sections of the examination, not taken in April or May, prior to the July or August date of the expiration of conditional credit. (Note: in this circumstance, a candidate must score a 75 in exam sections taken prior to the conditional credit loss date to be eligible for a conditional credit extension.)

Candidates should go to their individual examination account at Check Examination Score to determine if they need to take any other parts of the CPA exam prior to any July or August conditional credit expiration date for passed sections of the exam.

Candidates should not expect the Board to consider any appeals for extensions of lost conditional credit until examination scores are released. Once the scores are reported, a concerned candidate may discover that the candidate has passed the CPA examination and an appeal would not be necessary. The Board will also have an opportunity to evaluate the impact of the score results on affected candidates.


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