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Maryland Community Services Locator – Connecting Maryland Residents to Services and Resources - Financial Regulation

The Maryland Community Services Locator (MDCSL) is an interactive online directory developed to connect Maryland residents to needed community services. This tool allows residents and community organizations to search for specific resources using criteria such as location/address, type of service (e.g. food, housing, legal services), population served, and any applicable payment options.

Since its launch in October 2007, the MDCSL has expanded to include more than 9,000 criminal justice, health, and social service programs throughout Maryland across 26 different categories. The MDCSL is funded by a grant from the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention. Each program is verified at least one time per year and community organizations can submit updates at any time that are uploaded within approximately one week. Questions regarding the directory or further information can be obtained by emailing or contacting MDCSL staff at 301-405-9796.

Visit the Maryland Community Services Locator (MDCSL) website to begin a search for resources and services in your area.