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Quarterly Contribution & Wage Reporting FTP Transfer Site - Unemployment Insurance

NOTE: The Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance will implement a new data system in the second half of 2019. To make sure you are ready to use the new system, and to get the latest information, please visit our web page.

Welcome to the Division of Unemployment Insurance Contributions Division’s online FTP transfer program. This site allows Maryland employers with large payrolls (in excess of 5000), state and local governments, and payroll service providers to transmit their quarterly wage and contribution files via secure FTP transmissions.  Employers with payrolls of 5,000 or less should use the online WebTax application for filing their quarterly wage and contribution report.

If you are interested in registering for FTP transfers or wish to discuss the service, please contact the Accounts Receivable Unit via email at Please include a contact name, phone number and email address when registering.

Registered users are required to download a client-side validation application. This application will report all file level or formatting errors to the user that must be resolved before a contribution or wage file can be transferred. Once the user has submitted an error-free file through this client side application, a transfer file ready for ftp transmission will be produced. This application must be installed on a computer with a current Microsoft operating system. It is required that the computer also have the capability of transmitting files via FTP. More information on the installation of this application is available within the installation guide.

A User Guide is available to download for more information on how to transfer files, acceptable file formats as well as sample email messages, error descriptions and reports you will receive throughout the transfer process.

Media Formats

Also available to registered users of the FTP Transfer program is the ability to submit electronic payments. Official Payments Corporation offers Maryland Unemployment Insurance employers the ability to make online payments.