Propane Gas Fitters Original Certificate, Initial Application

License Description/Selection:

Providing Propane Gas Services means to install, repair, service, and replace propane gas piping, propane gas utilization equipment, and associated accessories.

I am applying for a Propane Gas Fitter Certificate under:
Option 1: I hold a current certificate of completion of the National Propane Gas Association Certified Training Program for Distribution Systems Operations.
Option 2: I hold a gas fitters license from a county or municipal corporation AUTHORIZING THE INDIVIDUAL TO PROVIDE PROPANE GAS SERVICES under a licensing program that is in existence prior to July 1, 1995 and that is acceptable to the Board
Option 3: I am able to demonstrate qualifications that are satisfactory to the Board and that are at least equivalent to the qualifications required by the National Propane Gas Association Certified Training Program for Distribution Systems Operation.

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Have you ever:
1. Been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in any State or Federal Court?
2. Had this type of license, certificate, registration, or permit denied, suspended, or revoked by Maryland or any other jurisdiction?


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