State Board of Electricians
Original Journey Local Registration Reciprocal/Licensing Waiver of Examination Application

If you are not taking the Journey Examination and wish to become licensed by Reciprocity or Waiver process, please select one of the following options below to apply for an Original Journey License (choose one):

Original Journey License Fee: $15.00

Type of Reciprocity/Waiver I am applying for (choose one):

Reciprocity, State - Local: I am applying for a state Journey Electrician license base upon holding a current registration with a local jurisdiction within Maryland.
Waiver of Examination via Apprenticeship Program: I am applying for a state Journey Electrician license based upon the following criteria:

Regarding Additional Requirements:

Send these documents to the Board from the two options below:

We will review your license request after all your documentation is received. Failure to submit this information will prevent your application from being processed. If you have questions, please call the board at 410-230-6231.

Please click the "Submit" button below to continue with your application.

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