Original Journey / Journey Restricted License Application

Select a Filing Option:

Option 1 (Examination): Use this option if you have successfully passed the examination for the Journey or Journey Restricted license.
NOTE: If you have experience and/or training in the HVACR trade, but have not taken the Journey or Journey Restricted HVACR examination, you may be qualified to sit for the examination. Please return to the Board of HVACR Contractors Home Page to reference the specific requirements.

Option 2 (Apprenticeship, served while holding a current Maryland Apprentice License): Use this option if you:
  1. Have successfully completed an HVACR related apprenticeship in a program, approved by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council, within 2 years of the date of your application and
  2. Hold a current Maryland HVACR Apprentice license.

Under option 2, you will be required to submit to the Board a copy of your graduation certificate or other acceptable, official document with the following items:

  1. Your name
  2. Name of the training program
  3. Date of graduation
  4. Specific restrictions, if any. These include: Air Conditioning, Forced Air Heat, Hydronic Heat, Heating (a combination of Forced Air Heat and Hydronic Heat), Ventilation and Refrigeration.
  5. Statement that the course has been approved by the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council

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