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CPA Online Registration Tips

    *** Spam Filter ALERT *** Attention AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Verizon Users **
    Unwanted or Spam intercept e-mail filters are known to interfere with the receipt of e-mails sent by the NASBA National Candidate Database from sender "CPA EXAMINATION NOTIFICATION SERVICE" (CPAEXAM@NASBA.ORG
    ,). Please authorize your anti-spam software to accept e-mails with attachments from CPAEXAM@NASBA.ORG. It is recommended that you use your personal e-mail address. You have more control over spam intercept filters. If you use your business e-mail address, contact your system administrator on how to ensure delivery of your NTS through your business.

    Make sure you have your candidate tracking number, password, and Visa or Master Card for easy reference.

    Make sure your personal information (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address is correct.

    Incorrect information in your file will interfere with the processing of your examination registration and delay delivery of your Notice to Schedule (NTS).

    Please make sure that your name and address appear exactly as they are indicated on your primary personal identification cards. You will be required to show your Notice to Schedule (NTS) and personal identification to test center officials. The name and address must be exactly the same on the NTS and your primary forms of identification. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to take the examination. Name changes can't be made on-line.

    Please contact the Board of Public Accountancy at (410) 230-6258 and send a marriage certificate or official court document to the Board before you register. Once the Board officially changes your name you will be able to register for the CPA examination.