Uniform CPA Examination Application
Education Credential Review to Qualify to become a Candidate for the
Uniform CPA Examination

STEP 2 of 9 – Qualifications, Instructions, Fee and Requirements
As an applicant for the Uniform CPA Examination in Maryland, you are required to submit this application and documentation of your qualifications to become a candidate to take the examination pursuant to the requirements of the laws of Maryland and the regulations of the Board of Public Accountancy. Before you complete this online application, you must review and follow the instructions for each of the items listed below:
  A. Have you ever submitted an original application for the CPA exam to the Maryland Board?
            YES         NO
        If “Yes”, was your application denied?
              YES         NO

                     If "Yes", please indicate the date on which you were advised your examination application was denied. / (MM/YYYY)
  B. Do not complete this application if you have already been approved to sit for the CPA Exam in a State other than Maryland. If you have passed the CPA Exam from another State, you can apply for Maryland licensure via the CPA Transfer of Grades application. If so, please go to: http://www.dllr.state.md.us/license/cpa/cpaapply.shtml#grades
    Have you ever been approved to take the CPA exam in another state?
            YES         NO
  C. Complete the Maryland CPA Course Checklist which is part of this application. This will help you determine if you meet the minimum qualifications to apply for the Maryland Board exam. To print and review this checklist please go to: http://www.dllr.state.md.us/forms/examcoursechecklist.doc
  D. Contact each and every accredited institutions of higher education that you have attended. Direct the registrar of each institution to send an official transcript directly to the following name and address under the “Send follow-up documentation” title below.
  E. If you are claiming college credit earned through Advanced Placement (AP) courses; College Level Examination Program (CLEP); DSST transcripts; or Military CLEP or DANTES transcripts, you must also provide the official transcripts from these programs in addition to the transcripts from each of your colleges or universities. These credits must appear on your college/university transcripts. Click here to see the Contact Information. Direct the registrar of each institution to send a copy of your official transcripts directly to the following name and address under the “Send follow-up documentation” title below.
    Are you claiming any college credit earned through Advanced Placement (AP) courses; College Level Examination Program (CLEP); DSST; or Military CLEP or DANTES?
            YES         NO
           If you answer "Yes", check all that apply (at least one):

                AP (Advanced Placement)
            CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
            DANTES/DSST (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support)
            ACE(American Council on Education)
            OTHER. Indicate other:

You must arrange for the transcripts from the agencies through which credit was to be mailed to the Board. Remember, the credits awarded by these programs must appear on a transcript issued by a regionally accredited college/university that is recognized by the Board.
  F. If you are applying as a foreign applicant or have earned credit at a college or university outside of the United States you must contact the NASBA International Evaluation Service (NIES) to conduct a course by course evaluation of your educational credentials. Apply online with NIES to conduct the evaluation. The NIES will send a copy of the evaluation of your official transcripts the Board. Information about the NIES and an online foreign credentials evaluation application is available at:

    As part of this application, will you be claiming credit for course work you have completed at a college or university located in a country other than in the United States?
            YES         NO
If you answer “Yes”, please complete both questions below:
   (1) If your application is approved do you intend to:
             Obtain a license in Maryland or other state in the United States.

                 - OR -

         Return to a foreign country to work.

   (2) Have you completed a course in Federal Income Taxation in the United States? A Course in United States Federal Income Tax must be obtained at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States.
             YES          NO

                Note: If your answer is “No”, STOP APPLICATION PROCESS.
A US course in Federal Income Taxation is required to qualify for the CPA Examination under COMAR Group I Courses.
  G. In order to uniquely identify your application we require that you provide us with either a US Social Security Number, a Passport Identification Number or a Canadian Social Insurance Number.
    Do you have a US Social Security Number?
            YES         NO
  H. If you are approved to sit for an exam, the State of Maryland provides special accommodations for those who request such accommodations pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are in need of such accommodations, please visit our ADA website and then print, complete and mail the ADA Accommodations Request Form located on this page to the following name and address under the “Send follow-up documentation” title below.
    Are you requesting special examination accommodations pursuant to the American Disabilities Act (ADA)?
            YES         NO
  I. At the end of this application, you will be required to submit a non-refundable fee of .

This application will not be evaluated until all official transcripts and other supporting educational documents, and other relevant documents are received by the Board. Please note that it may take up to 120 days following the date of application for the Board to process your application. Please be mindful that the peak application periods following graduations after the spring and fall semesters may result in delay in processing your application.
Check box here if you understand and agree with all the requirements listed above.

Send follow-up documentation to:
         Examination Coordinator – CPA EXAM
         500 North Calvert Street, 3rd Floor
         Baltimore, Md. 21202

Outline of remaining steps in this online application:
  • Step 3 of 9: Enter personal information
  • Step 4 of 9: Login Account Registration
  • Step 5 of 9: Enter completed regionally accredited CPA school information
  • Step 6 of 9: Enter related CPA course information for each school listed in Step 5
  • Step 7 of 9: Review, follow-up requirements, and Certification of application
  • Step 8 of 9: Payment and submission of application
  • Step 9 of 9: Printable Confirmation screen with follow-up requirements
NOTE: You will have an opportunity to review your application before submitting.

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