Uniform CPA Examination Application
Education Credential Review to Qualify to become a Candidate for the
Uniform CPA Examination

Thoroughly complete this application. Do not omit anything! Including all transcripts.

STEP 1 of 9 Select Evaluation Option:

Please carefully read each option below and select the type of qualification evaluation that you want the Board to perform on your application:
What is the total number of semester credit hours have you earned at EVERY college or university that you have attended?

          Between 120 - 149.99 credit hours.
          At least 150 credit hours or more.

Please indicate the date on which you graduated and received your baccalaureate degree or expect to graduate or receive your baccalaureate degree:
          Graduation Date: / /

       NOTE: Your application will not be reviewed until we have received all official transcripts.

Outline of remaining steps in this online application:
  • Step 2 of 9: Qualifications, Instructions, Fee, and Requirements
  • Step 3 of 9: Enter personal information
  • Step 4 of 9: Login Account Registration
  • Step 5 of 9: Enter completed regionally accredited CPA school information
  • Step 6 of 9: Enter related CPA course information for each school listed in Step 5
  • Step 7 of 9: Review, follow-up requirements, and Certification of application
  • Step 8 of 9: Payment and submission of application
  • Step 9 of 9: Printable Confirmation screen with follow-up requirements
NOTE: You will have an opportunity to review your application before submitting.

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