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Master Barber Fifteen months of experience as a licensed barber and a passing grade on the Master Barber Exam and the Barber Exam.
Barber Applicants must submit proof of completion of twelve hundred (1200) hours of training in an approved Barber School or twenty-two hundred and fifty (2250) hours as a registered apprentice in a licensed Barber Shop.
Limited Barber Stylist Applicants must submit proof of completion of 900 hours of barber student training in a barber school or 1,650 hours as an apprentice barber-stylist limited in a licensed barbershop and qualify by examination given by the Board.

Note: To apply for a Licensure by Endorsement you will need to send the Board a copy of your current license and a Certification of Licensure from your original State Board to confirm equal training, testing, no interpreter used, and that your license is current and in good standing.

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