RG Steel Announces Closure of Sparrows Point


DLLR's Rapid Response Team ready to provide assistance to dislocated workers

BALTIMORE, MD (May 24, 2012) - The Maryland Department of Labor (DLLR) has been notified that RG Steel will completely idle the steel mill at Sparrows Point for an undetermined period of time. A total of 1,975 employees (1,714 hourly and 261 salaried) will be affected, with layoffs commencing on June 4, 2012 and continuing through June 18, 2012.

"Layoffs and plant closures are tragic, especially when such a historic local institution as Sparrows Point is affected," said Maryland Interim Labor Secretary Scott R. Jensen. "We have been in close contact with RG Steel leadership and are standing by to offer assistance to the men and women who count on family-supporting wages from their jobs at Sparrows Point. While it is unfortunate that efforts by everyone involved to keep RG Steel open and solvent have been unsuccessful, it is our hope that all RG Steel employees will find new employment as soon as possible, and we will deploy all our resources to assist them in their efforts."

DLLR's Rapid Response Team, a multi-agency partnership that includes representatives from DLLR's Division of Workforce Development & Adult Learning, the Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), Local Workforce Investment Boards, community colleges, and local and state government offices as well as community and faith-based organizations, has implemented strategies to assist dislocated workers during career transitions. During Rapid Response information sessions, which will be coordinated with RG Steel, employees will receive guidance regarding unemployment insurance, local and state resources, job placement, and training opportunities. Access to DLLR's 35 One Stop Career Centers and the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) will facilitate the re-employment process. Currently, the MWE has 107,486 jobs listed across Maryland.

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