New Laws Go Into Effect June 1st


BALTIMORE (5-30-08) – Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Secretary Thomas E. Perez announced beginning June 1, 2008, spouses of military personnel who follow a family member out of state will receive unemployment insurance benefits.

“This bill is an important part of our effort to support the military and military families,” said Secretary Perez. “Moving can be very disruptive, and this measure will help to minimize the disruption by allowing access to benefits.”

This departmental bill allows an individual who voluntarily leaves employment to follow a spouse - whose employer requires a transfer to a new location – to receive unemployment insurance benefits. The spouse has to be a member of the U.S. military or a civilian employee of the military or a related federal agency.

Other laws taking effect on June 1, 2008 include:

Credit Regulation – Debt Management Services - This bill repeals the requirement that a licensed debt management services provider be a nonprofit entity. The bill requires the applicant to meet standards regarding debt management services. The bill also alters the requirements for a consumer education program and makes various other changes to the provisions governing debt management services businesses. “With consumer debt comprising such a large portion of each Marylander’s paycheck, people are turning to debt management companies for financial assistance and counseling,” said Financial Regulation Commissioner Sarah Raskin. “We will examine these companies thoroughly to ensure their compliance with the new law.”

Employees’ Retirement and Pension Systems – Line of Duty Death Benefit- Members of the Employees' Retirement System, Employees' Pension System, Teachers' Retirement System, or Teachers' Pension System who are killed while performing their duties are eligible for a line of duty death benefit. The bill entitles surviving minor children and dependent parents of State employees who receive the death benefit to join the State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program. The bill takes effect June 1, 2008, but applies retroactively for any State Highway Administration employee who died on or after January 1, 2007. This bill does not directly affect DLLR, but MOSH is aware of it, particularly as it relates to its partnership with the State Highway Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health of State employees.

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