Governor's Workforce Summit 2008


The Governor's Workforce Summit 2008, hosted by the Governor's Workforce Investment Board (GWIB), took place on February 8, at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to generate new ideas and develop workforce policies for Marylandís future. The Summit brought together over 500 Maryland stakeholders from business, education, government and nonprofits to discuss ways of creating a streamlined and aligned workforce system that will help Maryland compete in the 21st Century.

"This Summit is about harnessing the vast amount of knowledge from an array of experts for the benefit of our entire State," said Governor OíMalley. "Our future progress depends on our ability to build and sustain a workforce that answers the critical needs of our employers, while also fulfilling the needs of our most precious resource Ė our people."

The first roundtable of the Summit included discussions on the alignment of the education systemís mission, goals and outcomes with Marylandís economic and workforce needs. Panelists in the second roundtable discussed strategies for growing a skilled workforce including the retention of college graduates, immigrant workers, untapped populations, and the roles of philanthropy, business and government.

"The summit focused on Marylandís economic competitiveness in the global economy, while ensuring that all Marylanders have the opportunity to participate and succeed in the 21st century workforce," said GWIB Executive Director Eric Seleznow. "The Summit was designed to spark innovation and new ideas as the Governor develops workforce polices for Marylandís future."

A report will be prepared on the results and recommendations from the Summit.

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