Recommendations for State Regulations to Go Before MOSH Advisory Board


In March of 2008, at the direction of Governor Martin O’Malley, Labor and Industry Commissioner Ron DeJuliis assembled an internal team to develop a strategy to increase training levels for equipment operators. Over the next three months, the Commissioner pulled together industry representatives, labor officials, and safety professionals to address responses and share information regarding a series of crane accidents in New York, Florida and Maryland. The group was focused on critical issues related to crane operator certification, rigger training & certification, as well as pre-lift safety requirements.

Since that time, the group and its subgroup have met five times, focusing on creating safety requirements that address crane operators, riggers and signal personal, as well crane erection and dismantling.

“My charge from the Governor was to ensure an outcome in this process by getting consensus regulations that enhance operation safety for workers and the public,” said Commissioner DeJuliis. “I believe we have accomplished that.”

The outcome of their discussion ended with recommendations for state regulations that will enhance training of crane operators, riggers and signal personal, as well as critical lift planning.

“Maryland is leading the effort to ensure safer conditions for employees working with cranes and through its guidelines will become the national model for others to follow,” said Secretary Perez.

The recommendations for regulations will come before the MOSH Advisory Board on August 6, 2008.