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Labor Force and Industry Developments - Maryland Monthly Labor Review - April 2010


More jobs and lower unemployment characterized Maryland’s labor market during April.

  • Maryland’s seasonally adjusted industry payrolls advanced for the second consecutive month, rising by 8,200 jobs in April – the highest gain for the month since 2005.
  • During April, the leisure/hospitality and education/health services industries were the top job performers within the private sector, posting gains of 7,100 and 3,200 jobs, respectively.
  • Since February, an estimated 36,800 jobs have been added to Maryland’s business payrolls – surpassing previous gains for the February-April period dating back to 1990.£ Several business sectors appear to be working their way out of the recession. Within the private sector, construction, manufacturing, education/health and leisure/hospitality have consistently trended upward since February.
    February – April 
    construction (+7,200); manufacturing (+700); education/health (+7,400); leisure/hospitality (+12,100)
  • Maryland’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate (while still high by historical standards) declined from 7.7% to 7.5% --its first decline since the recession began. Nationally, unemployment inched up slightly, rising from 9.7% to 9.9 percent.
  • Nearly 12,800 Marylanders found employment in April– an increase which helped to absorb an influx of jobseekers into the labor market and, at the same time, to lower the number of unemployed residents by an estimated 6,600 persons.
  • Unemployment claims filing activity also continued to lessen, with initial filings falling by 11.6% over-the-month to 28,738 – nearly 41% below December 2009’s peak level of 48,693.
Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates - Maryland and US - April 2009 through April 2010
Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rates
Maryland and US
April 2009 through April 2010
Apr 09 6.9% 8.9%
May 7.0% 9.4%
June 7.1% 9.5%
July 7.2% 9.4%
Aug 7.2% 9.7%
Sept 7.3% 9.8%
Oct 7.3% 10.1%
Nov 7.3% 10.0%
Dec 7.4% 10.0%
Jan 10 7.5% 9.7%
Feb 7.7% 9.7%
Mar 7.7% 9.7%
Apr 7.5% 9.9%
  • Market conditions were noticeably improved across the state during April.
  • With the exception of Allegany County, employment rose in each of the state’s jurisdictions.
  • Unemployment rates declined in each locality, with rates in 13 jurisdictions falling by a full percentage point or more.
  • Some of the largest declines were reported in counties located in the highly seasonal Shore Area.
  • Baltimore City’s unemployment rate, dropping from 10.5% to 9.8%, moved out of double-digits for the first time since May 2009.

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