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DLLR's Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Continuing Education - Maryland Board of Foresters


Education and Experience Requirements
When applying for a forester license, an applicant:

  • must provide transcripts that show that the individual has completed a four year curriculum in forestry from a college or university that is approved by the Board or accredited by the Society for American Foresters.
  • must demonstrate competence in the practice of forestry by showing at least two years of experience in forestry.
  • must provide at least five references, three of which must be foresters who have a personal and professional knowledge of the applicant's experience in practicing forestry.

Licensees must earn a minimum of eight hours of continuing education in forestry to qualify for a license each renewal period. The State Board of Foresters has approved the continuing education credits in courses in technical forestry and forestry subjects by the following sponsors:

Local Forest Pest Division/Soil Conservation District

College or University accredited by SAF,or SAF Continuing Forestry Education Program (Category I)