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Extended Benefits Program is Ending April 21, 2012


The Extended Benefits Program in Maryland will end on April 21, 2012. The EB program has been in effect since October 2011 as Maryland's unemployment rate was high enough to reach levels specified in state and federal law. The United States Department of Labor has notified Maryland that due to declining unemployment rates, the State of Maryland is no longer eligible to pay Extended Benefits (EB) to Maryland unemployment insurance claimants.

The last claim week ending date that EB payments may be made is the week ending April 21, 2012. Claimants currently filing for EB may continue to file their continued claims through April 21, 2012 if they remain unemployed. Under federal law, Maryland cannot pay any EB after the week ending April 21, 2012, even if there is a balance in claimants' Extended Benefits accounts.

Claimants who are currently filing for EB will receive a letter notifying them of the end of the EB program.

Claimants who are currently exhausting payments under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program may file initial claims for EB that are effective before April 21, 2012. However, no additional payments can be made after the week ending April 21, 2012.

El Programa de EB de extensión en Maryland, finalizara el 21 de Abril del 2012. La última semana de pago en el programa EB será la semana que finaliza el 21 de Abril del 2012. Los reclamantes que están actualmente recibiendo estos beneficios, continuaran solicitando sus beneficios del programa EB hasta el 21 de Abril del 2012 si continúan desempleados. Bajo la ley Federal, Maryland no puede pagar ninguna semana en el programa EB después que finaliza la semana de Abril 21, del 2012 aunque aparezca un balance en la cuenta de sus beneficios de extensión. Los reclamantes que están actualmente recibiendo beneficios bajo el programa EB, recibirán una carta que le notificara el fin del programa. En este momento no hay ninguna extensión Federal disponible. Si tiene alguna pregunta, puede llamar al 301-313-8000.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Update