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Top Five Ways an Employer Can Help Reduce Unemployment Insurance Fraud - Unemployment Insurance

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Help Control Your Unemployment Insurance Costs

  1. Report the reason a former employee is unemployed in a timely and accurate manner.
    You must provide the Division of Unemployment Insurance the reason a former employee is unemployed within 8 calendar days. The Division will send you a Request for Separation Information when a claim for unemployment insurance benefits is filed. E-mail notification and internet filing options are available.
  2. Report all new hires and rehires to the Maryland New Hire Registry.
    Timely reporting of all new hires and rehires helps prevent payment of ineligible UI claims after an individual has returned to work.
  3. Respond quickly to National Directory of New Hires letters and Benefit Cross Match letters.
    A prompt response to a request for verification of employee earnings will help prevent the improper payment of benefits.
  4. Attend appeal hearings.
    If you appeal a determination awarding unemployment insurance benefits to a former employee, you MUST employee, you MUST participate in the appeal hearing. Failure to appear at the hearing, in most cases, will result in an award of benefits. Your participation is critical to the proper determination of claimant eligibility for benefits.
  5. File your quarterly tax and wage reports and pay your taxes timely.
    Failure to do so will result in the assessment of a penalty and interest and may increase your federal UI liability. The proper payment of taxes to the UI Trust Fund enhances the solvency of the Fund. The prompt and accurate reporting of wage information helps us in the proper determination of claimant eligibility for benefits.

Stop Unemployment Insurance FraudTo report UI fraud, you can e-mail us.

For more information or to report fraud, visit our website, call 1-800-492-5524 or e-mail Employer Assistance.

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