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The EARN Maryland Program - Maryland’s new workforce training initiative

EARN Maryland - Industry-Led Partnerships, Bridging Maryland.s Skills Gap, Driving Growth


EARN Maryland Webinars - On Demand


Industry Partnerships 101: What, Why, How and Impact - EARN Maryland Webinars


Watch Webinar 1, Industry Partnerships 101: What, Why, How and Impact, On Demand
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Don't miss this webinar to learn just how far industry partnerships have come in the last decade, and the keys to their success. This is for all stakeholders, those already convening industry or sector partnerships, those just beginning to consider the model; and all your partners, including workforce development, education, economic development, human service organizations, and other community organizations.

Industry partnerships are employer-driven; they are regional; they are coordinated by a credible convener; they act as a coordinating body across multiple education, workforce development, economic development and other programs; they create highly customized responses to a target industry's needs, and therefore highly accurate responses. They can yield powerful impacts related to how jobseekers attach and advance in the labor market; how companies grow and expand; and how state and local programs work better together to do more with less.


Industry Data: How to Identify Your Target Industry


Watch Webinar 2, How to Identify Your Target Industry , On Demand
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Roll up your sleeves! This webinar will be spent digging into industry data. Using good data is an essential early step to launching an industry partnership, but it can get overwhelming fast. We'll learn how to read and use data without getting "analysis paralysis," including assessing which industries really drive your regional economy.

We'll learn how to weigh multiple factors such as short and long term job growth, density of companies within one industry in your region, number of jobs, and average wages and salaries. Finally, we will discuss what to do with this information, and how to use it to immediately start building buy in and support from public and private partners to launch an industry partnership.


Mobilizing Your Partnership: Preparing for the Launch


Watch Webinar 3, Mobilizing Your Partnership: Preparing for the Launch, On Demand
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This webinar will provide specific how-to tips and tools for these decisions, and will setyou on a solid track for mobilizing the development of your partnership -- or expansion of an existing one.

Industry partnerships require the right balance of good planning and action. You will want to make decisions about the right convener, key partners, employer champions, the geographic scope of your partnership, the right level of industry specialization, and how to use current initiatives in your area already going on that are related to your target industry.

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