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What are the most important abilities I’ll need to succeed in this job? What skills do you most appreciate in an employee?

Would you describe your management style? With what sort of employee do you most like to work?

Where does upper management want to see this company in five years? How does this department fit into these plans?

What sort of computer equipment and software will I be using? (If the equipment or software is out-of-date, this could be a sign of poor financial health. And if your skills are out-of-date, you’ll know its time to sign up for a crash course.)

Does this organization provide ongoing training? Seminars? Workshops? Financial help with outside courses?

Do you know if there are plans for expansion or for introducing new products and services? If employee reshuffling occurs, would the position we’re discussing put me in line for promotion?

How will my performance be measured and evaluated? How often?

Are you aware of any plans for downsizing? Has the company downsized or cut back employees or budgets in the past three years?

Does my position carry a written job description? What will my day-to-day responsibilities be? How much authority and autonomy will I have?

What is this department’s reporting structure – who reports to whom? What are its channels of communication with upper management?

Is there a written policy of promoting from within? Always? Sometimes? Whenever possible? What percentage of new jobs have been filled by present employees during the past three years?

What has the turnover rate been in this department for the past five years?

What do YOU like most about working for this company?

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